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The Fairy Tales of War


War and fairy tales share a few commonalities. Fairy stories are written by adults to provide wisdom and morals to children. Older, powerful people wage wars. Young soldiers, barely stepping into adulthood, go to the battlefields to fight. Many of these young men’s parents were tucking them into bed with fairy tales and nursery rhymes only several years earlier. What morals were being learned in these tender moments before sleep: Right versus wrong? Good versus evil? War rhetoric is often spun using these same ideas, however it has the added feelings of fear and prejudice, which always colors ones outlook on other people.

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes are often fantastical, unimaginable, and otherworldly. War has often been described in the same manner by many who have marched off to fight and have returned home changed forever.


Note about this project:

It was created as a book, but has since been shown in a gallery setting. The book is available by following this link: 

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