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Noir Confessions

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As a girl I was intrigued with the stories in True Confessions magazine and often found myself sneaking copies to read at night before bedtime. As a teenager I discovered Film Noir. I was unaware that it was in fact a genre within the world of cinema as I simply felt drawn to the situations the women seemed to get themselves involved in. At some point in adulthood someone introduced me to pulp fiction novels—or more specifically, the covers of pulp fiction. Actually getting my hands on the novels proved difficult since they were in high demand and too pricey for my budget. However, by the covers I could tell quite a bit and felt intrigued by them the same as Film Noir and True Confessions had held my interest.


The subversive characters that make up Film Noir movies and Pulp Fiction novels, as well as the everyday women who told their stories to True Confessions magazine are the motivation for this project. Although fictional, the audience finds a connection with the characters. Situations that seem unlikely for most people fill the plots of these stories and keep the viewer/reader unable to walk away, so she gladly remains immersed, waiting for the outcome and placing herself in the characters shoes. Comfort can be derived from the pity we may feel for others who are more desperate and lost than we are.

More video pieces to be added to this page in the near future.

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