In the Middle

This project delves into themes such as class, childhood, adolescence, gender, and culture. Thus far this group of images documents four children from the ages of five to seven years old and will continue until they all graduate high school. Two of the children are my son and daughter and two are the daughters of close family friends. All are middle class, from Middle America and have been friends since kindergarten or first grade. The children attend school together, play together, participate in similar activities, and of course argue and disagree with each other. There are many similarities in their personalities and at this time only a few differences, but as time passes and they mature and change, so will the images captured of them. 

I have now finished shooting this project and am currently editing and scanning the negatives (there are about 2000). I will be updating this page with the final images (most likely about 150 total) in the near  future.


Posted March 8, 2018

Jeani Elbaum